WMS 2021 Wellness Tips

To stay alert and engaged while absorbing information online, our brains need time to decompress and reset just as they would at any face-to-face meeting or event. That’s why we have come up with a series of valuable and important wellness tips and suggestions for wellness breaks which we are encouraging delegates to weave into their own virtual programme itinerary.

We hope that our series of wellness tips and the interactive wellness fitness videos will help delegates stay focused and ready for their next congress sessions! They have been incorporated into the congress to help participants stay motivated to return to the inspiring #WMS2021 content rather than zoning out on their phones!

After up to an hour of virtual session watching we recommend a wellness break 😊

1. Get Up and Move Your Body!

Make time to physically move and distance yourself from your laptop. Head for the great outdoors and get your steps in!

Find something that works for you, it doesn't have to be structured, just a few short fitness breaks will get your blood and your creative juices flowing.  Activities like stretching, dancing, cycling or walking can invigorate you as well as improve your cognitive performance, boost your mood and re-energise you to feel more focussed when you return to your screen.

Why not take part in one of the interactive fitness wellbeing videos HERE

2. Stay Hydrated! 

It’s so important to stay hydrated - caffeine, energy drinks and alcohol can all increase feelings of anxiety and make us feel sluggish. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. Add some lemon, mint, lime, cucumber or even a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice!

3. Fuel Up

Hungry? Grab yourself a healthy snack.

Stick with fruits, vegetables and nuts and try to stay away from any junk food – it’s a quick-fix but can make you feel more sluggish later in the day.

Consider packing small bags of pre-made snacks for your congress breaks to give you an energy boost. You might consider making a meal plan too.

4. Take A Break

Take 10 minutes to tune in with your body, listen to what it is telling you. If you need a break, take it and plan breaks into your day.

5. Calm Your Mind

Incorporate some quiet activities into your week, such as reading, colouring books or knitting – they can all offer some mental escape.

As an alternative to screens, engage your mind with meditation exercises, try a mediation App like Calm, Headspace or Insight Timer.

6. Create Connections

We have provided lots of opportunities during the congress for communication and making valuable connections. The interactive online platform and networking environment allows you to share, discuss and build relationships.  Make a coffee and head to one of the breakout rooms or the networking lounge to meet with friends and colleagues

7. Book onto the Live Fun Social Hour!

Wednesday 22 September 19:45 – 20:45 BST

Take a break from the online congress sessions and join like-minded colleagues from across the globe to socialise and have fun.

The live entertainment experience has something for everyone. Unwind and join us for some virtual downtime, BYOFD (bring your own favourite drink) and pour a glass!

More information...

8. Head to the Photo Booth for some light entertainment

The WMS digital photo booth is a fantastic fun way to create a 'feeling of togetherness' and add a personal touch to the congress for our virtual delegates.

Head over to the booth, get snapping and create some awesome photos!

More information...

9. Take time for yourself

Do something you enjoy – read a book, plan a delicious meal to cook!

10. Give your eyes, mind and body a rest from the online world


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