Opening Lecture

Brendan Frey
Keynote Speaker

Professor at the University of Toronto,
CEO at Deep Genomics, Canada

Debate 1

Pre-Clinical Research - Are large animal models necessary in translational research?

Alan Beggs

Boston Children's Hospital,
Harvard Medical School,

Caroline Le Guiner
Debate Speaker

Translational Gene Therapy Laboratory, Université De Nantes, Inserm UMR 1089, CHU De Nantes, France

Annemieke Aartsma-Rus
Debate Speaker

Leiden University Medical
Center, Netherlands

Debate 2

Man, or machine? Who should evaluate patients in clinical trials?

Jean-Yves Hogrel

Institute of Myology,

Lindsay Alfano
Debate Speaker

The Abigail Wexner
Research Institute at
Nationwide Children's
Hospital, USA

Laurent Servais
Debate Speaker

University of Oxford,
United Kingdom

Debate 3

Should neuromuscular diseases be reduced through pre-conception carrier testing?

Nathalie Goemans

Univeristy Hospitals
Leuven, Belgium

Yoram Nevo
Debate Speaker

Schneider Children's
Medical Center of Israel

Kathryn Swoboda
Debate Speaker

Massachusetts General
Hospital, USA

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