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Key deadlines and dates:
Abstract submission guidelines:
Oral presentation guidelines:
Poster presentation guidelines:
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Late breaking abstract guidelines:

Abstract copyright

The Journal does not transfer copyright for standalone Abstracts (not a part of the article). They have a non-exclusive license to publish those Abstracts. So, the Author may present/submit their abstract at other conferences.

Abstract publication

Accepted abstracts will be published in the journal Neuromuscular Disorders which will be available for registered delegates and WMS Members. They will be available online via the journal from TBC.

Agency Registrations

If you are an Agency registering a delegate or group of delegates on their behalf, please make sure the organisation they represent is entered into the address fields on the registration form rather than your agency address. Please also make sure it is mentioned in the profile you enter for each attendee. If this information is not provided it may delay the review of the application for registration.

Cancellation Terms

Registered participants who are unable to attend the congress must forward a written cancellation (by email) to the WMS Congress Secretariat. Please see the Terms and Conditions on the Registration Form.

CME Credits

The WMS2021 Congress has applied for CME Credits from the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).


Please note that WMS is unable to accept registration applications from patient parents/relatives or other members of the public.

All non-member applicants must provide a short profile about why they would like to attend the congress, during the registration process. This will be considered when the committee review the submissions. The applicants must be able to demonstrate their scientific/ clinical contribution to the congress. If the organisers are not able to establish a registrant’s academic/ scientific engagement, then the registration may be cancelled. Please use your work email address to register rather than Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Encore/previously presented abstracts

WMS does not have a strict policy around this. In general presentations will be judged according to novelty and interest for the members of the society.


WMS actively discourages any congress sponsor or other organisation from organising any kind of meeting or event in parallel with the congress programme. Any meeting or event which is organised before or after the congress must not be badged in anyway as a pre/post WMS event for example, nor any connection be made to attendees being able to attend as part of their WMS itinerary.

Press and Embargo Policy

No press passes are available.

The embargo date is the presentation day, e.g. for a late breaking abstract this is the last day of the congress. For general presentations that would be the beginning of the scientific programme for the congress (local time). For a virtual meeting the content may be available prior to the session being broadcasted at the scheduled time in the programme. Please check  for further details.

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